Kawasaki Lowering Links

Kawasaki lowering links - Kawasaki lowering kits

Kawasaki lowering link kits lowers the rear suspension of your Kawasaki motorcycle. We offer a range of lowering kits for Kawasaki motorcycles. We can supply lowering links in almost any length. If you are looking for s specific lowering link length please contact loweringlinks.com We are confident we can supply you.

Kawasaki Lowering Links

Lowering links for Kawasaki motorcycles. Each lowering link kit contain two lowering links made out of roll forged steel, these kits are of extremely high quality made by UK based Lust Racing Ltd. Do NOT confuse these high quality items by cheap aluminum lowering links. Lust Racing links are high quality items and has quickly established Lust Racing as the top quality brand on the market. These links are made of the best material available forged steel, laser cut and precision machined, finished with powder coating for corrosion resistance and long lasting finish appealing to the eye with Lust Racing logo. All LR lowering kits comes complete with installation instructions.

Buy Lust Racing lowering links for your Kawasaki, these are the best lowering links on the market. Why put your bike (and yourself) on risk with inferior low quality lowering links when you can get high quality items to this low price? Lowering the rear suspension of your motorcycle. Most kits contain tie rods for the multi-link rear suspension on your motorbike. The ride height of the motorcycle is reduced by installing a lowering link kit. Lowering links reduces the seat height. Lowering the rear suspension of your motorcycle will changes the motorcycle geometry and increase the trail of the front fork, the steering geometry changes thanks to this. Fitting a lowering link kit on your bike will increase the bike's high speed stability, and improve the traction. Therefore these lowering kits are commonly used in motorcycle drag racing, but also on custom built show and street motorcycles and motorbikes. A lowering kit will also make the bike steer in to bends slower due to the increased stability. If you like to keep the steering geometry neutral, you may lower the front suspension by sliding the front fork stanchions upwards in the triple clamps. Lowering the front suspension must be done one side at the time.

Kawasaki Lowering Kits

  • Lowering links
  • Lowering brackets
  • Lowering tie rods, links. "dog bones"


“Thank you, these are the Best Motorcycle Lowering Links on the market! Awesome!!!.”
-Chuck Miles


Suzuki Kawasaki Honda Yamaha Triumph Custom
Seat Height Ride Height Trail Lowering Link length Dogbone /Bracket
Seat Height Ride Height Trail Lowering Link length Dogbone /Bracket
Seat Height Ride Height Trail Lowering Link length Dogbone /Bracket
Rear Suspension Rear Suspension Rear Suspension Rear Suspension Rear Suspension Rear Suspension