Kawasaki KX85 Lowering links 1.57″in 2001-2024

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Kawasaki KX85 Lowering links years 2001 – 2024. Lowering kit for Kawasaki KX85 lowers the rear suspension by 1.57 inches and reduces the seat height. Also lowers the center of gravity and makes the bike easier to handle for younger / shorter riders.

Kawasaki KX85 Lowering links year models 2001 to 2024.  This lowering kit lowers the seat height on the minicross Kawasaki KX85 to allow shorter and younger riders to reach the ground and handle the bike with confidence.  This kit drops the rear suspension by 1.57 inches. By lowering the rear suspension also the center of gravity will be lower so the bike becomes easier to balance. Excellent aftermarket accessory for new aspiring MX riders. Easy to install! Just replace the dog bone suspension links in the rear suspension with the new lowering links in the kit. The Kawasaki KX85 lowering link kit is supplied complete with installation instructions. This is a high quality lowering kit made in UK by Lust Racing. Material roll forged steel. The links in this kit will never fail they are designed and engineered to last the lifetime of the bike. You can later fit the standard links back on the bike when the rider has increased height if you like to do so rather than getting a new larger bike.

Kawasaki KX85 lowering link kit

  • For all year models from 2001 onward (to present 2024).
  • Lowers the rear suspension by 1 .57 inches (40mm)
  • Reduces the seat height – good to reach the ground with both feet!
  • Lowers the center of gravity – the bike becomes easier to balance
  • Easy to install with basic hand tools
  • Supplied complete with installation instructions
  • Material special roll forged steel
  • Powder coated for corrosion protection and long lasting finish.
  • Color black with Lust Racing logo
  • Lust Racing sticker included
  • Top quality, made in United Kingdom

This lowering kit will fit

  • 2001 KX85 (KX85-A1)
  • 2002 KX85 (KX85-A2)
  • 2003 KX85 (KX85-A3)
  • 2004 KX85 (KX85-A4)
  • 2005 KX85 (KX85-A5)
  • 2006 KX85 (KX85A6F)
  • 2007 KX85 (KX85A7F)
  • 2008 KX85 (KX85A8F)
  • 2009 KX85 (KX85A9F)
  • 2009 KX85 (KX85A9FA)
  • 2010 KX85 (KX85AAF)
  • 2011 KX85 (KX85ABF)
  • 2012 KX85 (KX85ACF)
  • 2013 KX85 (KX85ADF)
  • 2014 KX85 (KX85CEF)
  • 2015 KX85 (KX85CFF)
  • 2016 KX85 (KX85CGF)
  • 2017 KX85 (KX85CHF)
  • 2018 KX85 (KX85CJF)
  • 2019 KX85 (KX85CKF)
  • 2020 KX85 (KX85CLF)
  • 2021 KX85 (KX85CMFNN)
  • 2022 KX85 (KX85CNFNN)
  • 2023 KX85 (KX85CPFNN)
  • 2024 KX85

PS! We have also other lowering kits for the Kawasaki KX85 in our shop providing more (2 inch) or less lowering ( 0.8 inch)



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