Kawasaki Z750 Lowering links 2007-2012 1.8 inch lowering

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Kawasaki Z750 Lowering links for years 2007-2012. 1.8 inch lowering of the rear suspension to reduce the seat height. Very popular modification among shorter riders. Reduced seat height makes it easier to reach the ground with both feet.

Kawasaki Z750 Lowering links 2007-2012.  This kit lowers the rear suspension by 1.8 inches and reduces the seat height of the Kawasaki 750. By lowering the bike shorter riders can reach the ground with both feet and will feel more confident riding the bike. This is important specially in city traffic with frequent stops in traffic lights and intersections. Not only the seat height is reduced also the center of gravity becomes lower by reducing the seat height which makes the bike easier to balance. This is again a benefit that vertically challenged riders will benefit the most of. This high quality loweiring kit is made by the European market leader in motorcycle lowering kits Lust Racing. Manufatured in roll forged steel these links are stronger than the standard links unlike competing products on the market. The kit is supplied with installation instructions. Please do note that we have a separate kit for earlier models elsewere in our shop.

Kawasaki Z750 1.8 inch loweirng links 2007 to 2012


Kawasaki Lowering Links

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