Kawasaki ZXR750 Lowering links 1991-1992 1 inch

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Kawasaki ZXR750 Lowering links 1991-1992. ZXR-750 1 inch lowering kit for year models 1991 and 1992 fits VIN numbers starting J1 J2 K1 K2. Lowers the rear suspension by 1 inch and reduces the seat height.

1991-1992 Kawasaki ZXR750 1 inch lowering links for modelsĀ  J1 J2 K1 K2. Lowers the seat height by lowering of the rear suspension. By replacing the suspension links “dog bones” in the rear suspenison with these lowering links the suspension is lowered 1 inch. By lowering the ZXR 750 shorter riders will find it easier to handle the bike thanks to the reduced seat height. This kit is made in roll forged steel and is stronger than the standard links replaced! Manufactured in United Kingdom. Excellent fit and finish. Powder coated for long lasting luster and excellent corrosion protection.
The kit is supplied complete with installation instructions.

Kawasaki ZXR-750 lowering links

  • for year models 1991 and 1992
  • 1 inch lowering of the rear suspension
  • lowers the seat height
  • improves rear wheel traction
  • increased high speed stability
  • supplied with installation instructions
  • easy to fit follwing the detailed installation instructions
  • made in UK
  • perfect fit and finish


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Kawasaki Lowering Links

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