Suzuki GSXR750 lowering kit 2011-2022 L1-L9 M0 M1 M3

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Lowering kit for Suzuki GSXR750 2011-2022. 1.2″ lowering kit lowering the rear suspension and the seat height. Very good GSXR750 accessory for shorter riders reducing the seat height and making the bike easier to handle. For Suzuki GSXR 750 L1-L.9 M0, M1 M2

2011 – 2022 Suzuki GSXR750 lowering kit

Suzuki GSXR750 L1-L9 2011-2019 lowering kit dropping the rear suspension and reducing the seat height by 1.2″ inches.  This top quality aftermarket accessory for GSX-R750 is manufactured in roll forged steel stronger than the std suspension brackets on the bike replaced during installation. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Europe. Made by Lust Racing – Europe’s leading manufacturer of high quality motorcycle lowering kits. Excellent modification for shorter riders who otherwise might struggle to reach the ground properly with both feet. When fitting this kit the front forks are lowered by adjustment  to keep the handling neutral – no additional parts required . The kit is supplied with detailed installation instructions. Easy to install. This kit will fit Suzuki GSX-R750 models L1 to L9 2011 to 2019 and 2020, 2021, 2022 M0, M1 M2 with or without ABS system.

Lowering kit for Suzuki GSX-R750 2011-2022 L1-L9 M0 M1 M2

  • 1.2″ inch lowered seat height
  • lowers the rear suspension by replacement of the triangular suspension linkage brackets
  • will fit GSX-R750 2011 to 2022 with our without ABS system
  • high quality suspension lowering brackets manufactured in roll forged steel
  • stronger than standard parts replaced
  • powder coated for excellent wear and corrosion resistance
  • perfect fit – precision machined to exact tolerances
  • designed, engineered and manufactured in Europe
  • supplied complete with installation instructions
  • easy to install

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