2014-2016 Yamaha FZ09 lowering kit

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Yamaha FZ09 lowering kit lowers the rear suspension by 1″ inch and reduces the seat height. This kit will fit all Yamaha FZ09 models year 2014-2016. This high quality lowering kit is manufactured in roll forger special steel. Supplied with installation instructions.

Yamaha FZ09 lowering kit for year 2014-2016. Reduces the seat height on Yamaha FZ09 by 1″ inches by lowering the rear suspension. Excellent accessory for Yamaha FZ09 owners who find the bike to high. By installing this lowering kit the rider will reach to the ground with both feet. Why tippy-toe in the traffic lights and risking to drop your bike when you can lower your FZ-09 easily with this kit? When lowering the rear suspension with this kit also the front forks is lowered by adjustment no additional parts required. Keeps the handling of the bike neutral and lowers also the center of gravity making the bike easier to balance at low speeds.

Yamaha FZ09 lowering kit

  • Year models 2014-2016.
  • Reduces the seat height by 1″ inch
  • Reach the ground with both feet
  • Lower center of gravity
  • Improved rear wheel traction
  • Lowers the rear suspension by replacement of the suspenison tie-rods
  • High quality steel suspension links made in special roll forged steel
  • The parts in this lowering kit are dimensioned to last the life-time of your bike
  • Manufactured in UK by Lust Racing – Europe’s leading manufacturer of motorcycle lowering kits
  • Supplied with installation instructions
  • Will fit FZ09 2014, 2015 and 2016 models. Will NOT fit 2017 models.(see separate listing!)

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