Yamaha FZS600 lowering links 1.2 in lower 1998-2003

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Yamaha FZS600 lowering links 1998-2003. 1.2 inch lowering kit for Yamaha FZS600 year models 1998 to 2003 Lowers the seat height. Excellent mod for shorter riders. High quality steel suspension links made in…

1998-2003 Yamaha FZS600 lowering links

Lowering kit for Yamaha FZS600 year models 1998 to 2003. Lowers the seat height by dropping the rear suspension.┬áThe rear suspension is lowered by replacing the standard “dogbone” tie-rods with new lowering links supplied in this kit. This is a high quality lowering kit manufactured in roll forged steel and it will last the lifetime of your bike! Do NOT confuse this top quality Lust Racing kit with other kits on the market. This kit lowers the rear suspension and the seat height by 1.2 inches.

1.2″ Lowering kit for Yamaha FZS600 1998-2003

  • lowers the seat height by 1.2″ inches
  • enables shorter riders to reach to the ground with both feet
  • no need to worry about dropping the bike when coming to a stop when you can plant your feet on the ground
  • high quality suspension links manufactured by Lust Racing
  • stronger than the standard parts replaced
  • will last the lifetime of your bike!
  • easy to install with basic hand tools
  • installation instruction included

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