Yamaha XT660X lowering links

$139.00 $119.00

2004 onwards Yamaha XT660X lowering links drops the suspension by 1.2 inches and reduces the seat height. Excellent aftermarket accessory for your XT660X. Replace the standard dog bone links in the rear suspension with these lowering links made in steel.

2004 – 2013 Yamaha XT660X lowering links. Drops the rear suspension by replacement of the standard suspension links with the new lowering links in the kit. Reduces the seat height and lowers the center of gravity. Excellent aftermarket accessory for shorter XT660X riders. By lowering the Yamaha XT660X the rear wheel will gain more grip and the lowered center of gravity makes the bikes easier to handle for shorter XT660X riders.


Yamaha Lowering Links

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