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LoweringLinks.com is specialized in motorcycle lowering links and offer motorcycle lowering kits of high quality for a wide range of motorcycle makes and models. As engineers and racers, custome bike builders in short true "petrol heads" we noticed that it was it extremely difficult to find motorcycle lowering kits of high quality on the market in USA and Canada.
Yes, you could find a wast range of lowering links for motorcycles on the US market, however most of them we were made in China manufactured out of aluminum far to weak for the forces that the suspension linkage has to cope with - aluminum wears and enlongens until the link fails. Then we found adjustable suspension links made in stainless steel - put to gether using generic industrial ball joints intended for transfering linear movements - never intended to carry the weight of rider and bike and never intended to withstand the forces the suspension linkage on motorcycles have to cope with. Sure enough aluminum links and adjustable stainless steel links do fail and will fail sooner or later. Just Google, Bing or Yahoo for failed motorcycle linkages. The problem is the alumium and stainless lowering link are 100% certain to fail while you ride! Just think about it a linkage will not fail when you push your bike out of the garage - it will fail when the bike is ridden and loaded - hopefully on a wide road and not just before a bend, hopefully no large truck behind you... The problem is the generic consumer and average biker will not have enough knowledge of metallurgy and engineering. For stainless steel a fixed failure point cannot be determined - the properties of the material changes over time during load cycles and it can suddenly fail way below what you would expect as a result of the increased brittleness in the parts. The aluminum bits might "look" good - the adjustable links might at first sight feel like an nice idea - but that is all what it is- adjustable links should have remained just and idea! A US seller claims their adjustable threaded lowering links are strong but still asks you to check the condition of the links they supply every 500 miles. Yes, every 500 miles - Did you read that!? Every 500miles! Some ride that distance in two days, or less. Indeed the choice is yours, you might be price hunting and go for the cheapest chinese aluminum links sold under various "US" brand names - or you might get an adjustable lowering link because you feel it sounds like an good idea, live fast and die young. Stainless steel is also incorrect material for suspension linkages as stainless steel becomes brittle and will harden during stress cycles - until it one bay fails abruply when the link suddenly shatters into pieces.
Secondly many of the motorbike lowering links we found on the market where incorrectly designed in several ways, incorrect materials the most common problem usually also combined with incorrect material strength and shape - in short most kits on the market we would never fit on any bike at all.

As motorcycle professionals we did not accept loweiring links that were incorrectly designed and made in incorrect materials.

As a result the search started for motorcycle lowering kits of high quality, we found them - in Europe. LoweringLinks.com was founded to cater American markets, Canada and international markets with top quality steel lowering kits. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Europe these lowering kits are made to last the lifetime of your bike!

We found high quality lowering kits made in steel designed and engineered to be stronger than the standard parts made by a leading motorcycle lowering kit manufacturer. This manufacturer supplies these lowering links to Honda Kawasaki Suzuki Yamaha Triumph and MV Agusta motorcycle brand dealerships in Europe. In fact the company actually supplies two of the mentioned motorcycle manufacturers directly with lowering kits for some market areas.

Since we started trading we have shipped orders to happy customers in over 50 countries worldwide!

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Our motorcycle lowering links and lowering kits are made to last the life-time of your bike!