Terms and Conditions

 Terms and Conditions

Loweringlinks.com adhere to distance sales regulations. We are committed to customer satisfaction. In order to make every purchase a good one please ensure you ask us any questions you may have before you purchase. We do our best to reply to questions in a timely manner. If you do not know if your bike is standard or not - please provide relevant information we might ask you to send us before you buy. We may ask you about the length of the suspension links fitted to your bike - please provide as accurate measurements as possible (in fractions of inches, or mm). If you know of any modifications made to your bike let us know before you buy. Aftermarket rear huggers, under-tails, chain oilers, panniers etc may not be compatible with lowering links, our links are tested on standard bikes without other modifications. 


We accept returns providing that we have been notified by email within 7 days of receiving the order.  The customer pays the return postage. We recommend that all returns are sent "signed for" with tracking code to prevent that orders get lost in mail. We are not responsible for items lost in transit or returned mail parcels/envelopes lost in transit. Save your tracking code as proof of postage.

We refund you without delay when we have received the items in the same condition as supplied "new, unused, clean, unfitted, unscratched and complete with installation instructions) . If items are returned in other condition than outlined in our return policy any refund may be refused, the item can then be sent back to the customer upon request at the cost of the customer who should pay the return postage before we return the items. If returned items that do not adhere to our return policy are not called for within 60 days they are considered unwanted and become property of LoweringLinks.com.

If we have supplied incorrect item, LoweringLinks may replace or refund the customer at our sole decision. If incorrect item has been supplied we refund the customers return postage (at the cheapest signed for rate) unless otherwise has been agreed.

Please read the "Before you return an item" section below.

Eventual customs fees and taxes for items sent abroad are to be paid by the customer and are not included in the postage cost. 

Before you return an item 

1. Ensure that you have been reading the installation instruction. In 99.9% of all cases the correct part has been supplied.                         If you believe you have received incorrect item or are unsure if you got the correct item for your bike please contact us but do so AFTER reading the installation instructions provided with all our parts. On the back side of the installation instructions you'll find a FAQ section explaining the most common misunderstandings - even quite experienced technicians who are not familiar with lowering links may believe they got the incorrect kit when the correct kit has in fact been supplied! So, please read the installation instruction, thank you!               This way unnecessary returns and resending of the same items can be avoided. Thank you for following this advice, saving both Your and our valuable time.

Contact us for PRA Code (Product Return Authorization Code)

2. Before you return an item please contact us for a PRA code (Product Return Authorization Code), parcels without a PRA code are not accepted. If accepted without a PRA code the return/refund may be considered void. 

Before providing you with a PRA Code we may ask you for further details. We do so in order to help you and so that we can resolve the issue in the best possible way whatever that might be. At LoweringLinks.com we are committed to customer satisfaction. Ensure you provide all necessary information and let us know of any modifications to your bike. That saves both parties from unnecessary problems.

3.Pack well! we recommend that envelopes are taped in both ends to prevent that metal parts cut through the envelope. We hope that you understand that we cannot refund you for items that has been lost in transit if we receive an empty envelope with just a hole in the end. That's no fun for us, and no fun for you. Tape is cheap, use it. Thank you for your understanding. For the very same reason why we pack all orders very well, so please do the same. 

4. Remember to include your name, contact details, full address and phone number, email address for correspondence and paypal email address (if different), and a short description for the reason of the return and let us know if you prefer a exchange/replacement of the product or a refund. This so we can handle your return and replacement / refund as quickly as possible. If you want a replacement a new postage fee will apply. The replacement will not be sent before the postage cost has been paid for by the customer - unless we have supplied incorrect item. Please check your email and we strongly recommend that you include a phone number so we can contact you easily - no matter in which country you might reside. 

Deductions from refunds:

5. For items returned without any reason we may apply a 15% restocking fee, which is deducted from the total refund.

6. Note that our total price includes postage cost. Postage costs (sending) costs are third party costs and are non-refundable - because we have sent a parcel at your cost and paid for the service to a third party on your behalf. Postage deduction will not apply if we have supplied incorrect item.

7. Transaction fees by third party. For online sales we pay transaction fees for every sales to the payment gateway provider, transaction fees are non-refundable and are deducted from the total refund unless we have provided incorrect item. We keep the right to change pricing wihtout further notice. We keep the right to cancel any order on our sole descrition.

8. All items are sold "as described, of reasonable quality and fit for purpose" (EU legislation wording).

9.Parts sold by LoweringLinks.com are sold "for racing use only". This means it is on the buyers responsibility to ensure that fitting the product on road traffic vehicles in your country o destination is legal. Our products are dimensioned to be as strong as or stronger than the original parts that they replace. Made to last the lifetime of your bike.