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How to order

How to Order

We accept the payments by pay by credit & debit card as well as paypal. We send orders only to card holder address.

Order process

Locate the product you wish to order in our shop and the part(s) to the shopping cart.

You can change the quantity of each item before during checking out, view the cart, adjust quantities by clicking the "+" to add, or "-" signs to reduce the quantity of each item. Let the page refresh between each change so that the correct amount due is updated.
When satisfied continue the check out process. Fill in requested details so that we can send your order , then complete the payments either by credit card or by using PayPal.

How to pay by credit card?

NOTE: All Credit Card and Debit Card payments on our site are completed over PayPal's SSL Secured Website - You DO NOT NEED ANY PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD.
During check out, when transferred to PayPal's payment gateway,CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW the PayPal log-in form that says (depending on your location) either "pay by credit card" or "Don't you have a PayPal account?"
- in any case the link below the PayPal log-in form WILL TAKE YOU TO A NORMAL CREDIT CARD PAYMENT FORM.

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