Return Policy

All items need to be returned in the same "new" condition as supplied in the sealed unopened manufacturer packaging the parts are supplied. We do not accept returns of parts in opened packaging as all parts can be inspected in the clear display packing they are supplied, we do not accept returns of installed or used items. Ensure that correct item has been supplied before opening the manufacturers sealed sales packaging.

The customer pays always the return postage. Only if we have made an error (defect product or incorrect product supplied) can compensate the customer on our sole descrition. Before returning any item the customer should request a RAC code (Return Authorization Code), we do not accept returned parts/parcels without a RAC code. Parts returned wihtout RAC code will become property of LoweringLinks after 60 days has passed, unless the customer requests the parts to be sent back and pays for the return postage. Free worldwide postage offer is ONLY VALID in combination with purchase. If items are returned actual postage cost will be deducted from the total refund. Dear customer, we hope and believe that you will never need this page as we sell only new motorcycle lowering kits of top quality. In the unlikely event that you need to return an item, or if you are unsure if the correct item has been supplied our trained customer service team will do their best to help you out.
Please refer first to the installation instruction on the back of the sealed sales package for installation instructions, when you please read the installation instruction first - if you still are in doubt, then contact us! Thank you for your understanding and saving our time.
We do our best to ensure correct products are supplied at all times, should an error have occured and we have supplied incorrect item we will replace the item free of charge. We will even refund you your return postage (please refer to our return policy and our terms of sales).

So here follows the legal bit, please read and ensure that you have understood and accepted the return procedure and our return policy and terms of sales.
All items are sold "as is". We provide a 7-day return right on all orders.
The customer pays always the return postage unless we have sent you wrong or a defect part.

Should we have supplied incorrect item the customer pays the return postage, when we have received the returned item and confirmed incorrect item has been supplied we reinburse the customer for the return postage (Note. max return postage value cheapest recorded mail service with tracking code).
Before returning any item, please read the installation instructions supplied with each kit.
The major part of the return requests we receive are a result of that the customer has not read the installation instructions! Motorcycle suspension systems are more complicated that most customers realise, so a there is a apparent risks for misunderstandings and incorrect belief that wrong part has been supplied. Please do us and yourself a favour and read the installation instruction if you have not yet done so, thank you!

PLEASE READ THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION BEFORE REQUESTING A RETURN - the installation insutruction can be found on the back of all lowering kits in a clear plastic pocket. You are allowed to open the plastic pocket on the back of the lowering kit sales packaging.

If a order is cancelled by the customer a order cancellation fee of 5.1% of the order price will be applied by our payment gateway provider, this fee will be deducted from the total. This fee is applied by the payment gateway provider. All kits are supplied NEW in the manufacturers clear display packaging providing protection for the item during transit. The sales packaging must be intact and unopened (apart from the installation instruction pocket on the back of the packaging for returns to be accepted). The sales package allows the consumer to inspect the item without opening the sealed protective packaging.
When you have been reading the installation instruction and if you still believe incorrect part has been supplied, please contact us.

Before returning any item the customer should contact us and request a RAC "Return Authorization Code".

Please contact LoweringLinks.com and request a Return Authorization Code and fill in the return authorization form supplied complete with the following details:
  • Customer Forename
  • Customer Surename
  • Delivery Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number in international format including country and area code
  • Date of purchase
  • Product pruchased
  • Motorcycle make
  • Motorcycle model
  • Motorcycle year of manufacture
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Motorcycle model type (found on VIN plate)
  • Reason for the return. Specify the reason as exactly as possible
  • State if you wish a refund or a replacement

State the reason for the return as accurately as possible, do NOT say only "does not fit" but state why the part would not fit or why you believe it will not fit - why it would be incorrect, if possible include pictures of your bike and your bikes suspension linkage and the parts supplied, our contact from allows you to attach images.
This way our customer service team will able to resolve your issue quickly and efficiently and can reply to you very quickly and provide you with advise or a product Return Authorization Code and our return address, should a return/replacement really be necessary.
If incorrect part has been supplied, please state if you wish to receive a refund or a replacement. We do NOT accept returns of installed parts! Ensure before fitting that the correct item has been supplied before opening the sales packaging. If unsure contact our dedicated Customer Service team, the Customer Service team are here to help you!
Rest assured that we at LoweringLinks.com want all our customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase!

Remember to: - Pack returned items well to ensure they will not be damaged during transit!
- Include the filled in RA form in the package. - Mark the parcel with your individual RAC (Return Authorization Code) so it is accepted. - We recommend that all returns are sent "signed for" / "recorded mail" to ensure that items doesn't get lost in transit as we are not responsible for lost mail!

If we have supplied incorrect item, we will compensate you for your return postage up to a maximum value (return postage value depending on your location), this is in general the cheapest tracked postage service. If the customer decides to use a more costly return service/carrier the customer is responsible for all return costs that exceeds the maximum return postage we have agreed to compensate the customer for.
NOTE: the item must be found to be in compliance with the information provided on the RA form. If items false/incorrect information has been supplied during the return authorization process your return and compensation of return postage may be found invalid.

When we receive the returned items we inspect the parts and verify that parts have been returned in compliance with our return policy. Once returned items are inspected and found in the same new condition as supplied (return approved) we will process your refund or replacement as quickly as possible, please allow 48 hours for inspection of claims. Refunds are always issued to the same source they came from. If you paid by PayPal, refund will be issued to the same PayPal account, if you paid by credit/debit card the funds will be directed to the account connected to your card. Parcels sent to us without a RAC code (Return Authorization Code) are NOT accepted and if delivered to us becomes property of LoweringLinrks.com after 30-days.
Items returned and delivered to us without RAC code may be returned to the customer within 60-days if the customer pays for tracked return postage.

Replacements, if the customer has changed his/her mid and wish to replace the item with another once the customer has to pay for the return postage.

Important regarding our free WORLDWIDE POSTAGE OFFER. Our free "worldwide postage" offer is only valid in conjunction with purchase. If the customer returns an item without valid reason (e.g. defect or incorrect part supplied). We cover and refund postage costs ONLY if there is an error made on our side. If the customer changes his/her mind and returns an item the actual postage price will be deducted from the total refund and a re-stocking fee of 20% will be applied. We do not get any profit on postage and packing materials. Check 1st class international tracked postage costs for parcels.

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